War, Brokenness, Good News

When you look at the world around you it is impossible to ignore the plain fact that we live in a broken place. It is something we all must face – sooner or later – especially as a follower of Jesus Christ. The question is what our response to the brokenness we face is going to be? Will we ignore the brokenness? Pretend it is not there? Keep running from it? …  Will we try and fix it? Throwing money – time – our sympathy at it until we hope it goes away? Or -really- until we can feel good about what we have done to help. 

One might wonder why I am starting on such a low note. I would not argue with that assessment, but would add that I am also starting on a realistic note. We live in a broken world and there is nothing that we can do to really help. Even if we can do something to ease the pains of this life, it is just temporary – just like the pain of this life. The brokenness in this life is a symptom not the cause and our efforts to help only treat the symptoms not the root of the issue. Even as believers there is nothing we – ourselves – can do to help; however we can be a witness to the only thing that can. 

There is only one thing and one thing alone that can actually help. That thing – or should I say person – is Jesus Christ. This world is passing away and whether it is today, tomorrow, next week, or 1000 years from now, our existence as we have experienced it will end. As believers we can be assured that it will end with eternal life with God; however there are those in this world who do not know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and they are headed for hell. Yes, I know we do not like to talk about hell in today’s America, but the Bible says it exists and I believe it is important for us to remember the stakes of this war. 

Yes we are in a war. This life is not just a nice stroll where we can go about our days, talk to God a bit, and then tap out to live happily ever after with Him for eternity. Our Father in Heaven has real things that He wants to use us to do. Jesus our Lord and Savior has given us the task of being His witnessso that all those lost people who are heading to hell might hear the gospel – the good news  of Jesus Christ- and by grace through faith in Him and Him alone change their final destination from hell to heaven. So yes, this is a war, yes it is serious, and yes it is worth fighting. Actual lives are at stake and we are not just talking about 50 to 100 years of someone’s life being snuffed out. We are talking about eternal consequences.  

Jesus is calling each of us to fight the good fight and how are we doing? Well I guess you could say it is complicated. To be honest sometimes I think that it would have been easier if what He had called us to do was one quick but crazy hard thing that we could do and get it over with. That however is not what He has called us to do. He has called us to live our lives as His witnesses. Yes, some of our lives end sooner than others, but for most of us we are talking about years and years. The problem with that is that it takes consistency and that is typically quite hard for us humans. Just look at how good we are at new years resolutions. The good news is that He has sent His’ Holy Spirit to dwell within us and transform and cleanse or sanctify us. Just like the brokenness in the world around us, our own inability to follow the commands of Jesus is something that we can not do ourselves. We can only live as He has called us – if we live a life surrendered to God. Jesus is not only meant to be our savior, but also our Lord. He is our King, and we are in a war. It is time we take things seriously and live fully surrendered to Him.  

That can and should start today. It can start with simple things – like making time to read your bible and pray or reaching out and being the hands and feet of Christ. But remember those simple things can not be the focus. The focus has to be on our King. Yes, this is a war and yes, it is hard. We are called to fight the good fight and regardless of if it is on the mission field, in the streets of our cities, or praying in our closets – we are all on the front lines and we can not do this alone. We need Jesus and we need each other. Together we are the body of Christ and we are meant to build up and encourage one another. That is what these clips are meant to be. A quick message to build up and encourage; from one person on the front lines of this eternal war to another. We are all on the front lines and together we can answer the call to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth as well as next-door. 

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