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War, Brokenness, Good News

When you look at the world around you it is impossible to ignore the plan fact that we live in a broken place. It is something we all must face – sooner or later especially as a follower of Jesus Christ. The question is what our response to the brokenness we face is going to be? Will we ignore the brokenness? Pretend it is not there? Keep running from it? – Will we try and fix it? Throwing money – time – our sympathy at it – until we hope it goes away? Or -really- until we can feel good about what we have done to help. … [READ MORE]

Christmas Dreams

In the gospel of Matthew, we find an account of the birth of Jesus. It is a little different from the others as the beginning of it is more from Joseph’s perspective. It tells us of how he and Mary were betrothed and when she was found to be with child, he planned to quietly put her away. However, then he had a dream in which an angel told him to take Mary as his wife, as her child was conceived by the Holy Spirit. It is quite an amazing story. There is however a question that I think is worth asking. Did Joseph have dreams? … [READ MORE]

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