Statement of Faith




To facilitate disciples of Jesus Christ coming together to support one another, grow deeper in their faith, and live a Christ-centered lifestyle.
To cultivate opportunities for those disciples to use their gifts in creative and collaborative ways to reach the lost and make disciples.


These are beliefs that we hold to be foundational to our ministry.

  1. Created for a glorifying relationship with God – We believe that man was created to have a relationship with God and that through this relationship God will ultimately be glorified. 
  2. Depravity through the fall – We believe that because of sin we have fallen from God and live in a fallen world. Because of this, our natural state is one of sin. We are unable to restore the relationship we are meant to have with God and, as the price for our sins, we are sentenced to death and hell.


  3. Christ the perfect Lamb of God – We believe that even in our sin God still loved us and sent His one and only son (Jesus) to come to earth, born of a virgin, live the perfect life we could never live, die on the cross, bear the wrath of God for sin, and rise from the dead on the third day, paying the price for our sins and offering us grace. 


  4. The free gift of salvation – We believe that the gift of forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God (Salvation) is freely offered to all people who would believe in Jesus and what he did. Jesus made a way for us to have a relationship with God our Creator and exchange, a life leading to death, for eternal life with God. Through our faith in Him and what He has done for us, we are saved by grace and justified before God. Because of this, the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) comes to live inside the believer, and they become a new creation destined for eternal life and relationship with God. 


  5. Ongoing Sanctification and relationship with God – We believe that God has more for us than just to be justified and saved. We believe that as we act upon our belief in Jesus, surrendering our lives to Him, the Holy Spirit works in us to make us less like the depraved person we used to be and more and more like Jesus (Sanctification). As this happens, we continue in a relationship with God striving to follow His will, living not for our old life that ends in death but for our new life with God that will have eternal life. 


  6. The Trinity – We believe in God as the three persons of the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that the members of the Trinity are completely unified as the one true God but also are each distinct individual persons. 


  7. Jesus fully God and fully man – We believe that when Jesus came to earth, He was still fully God but also became fully man.


  8. Supremacy of Scripture – We believe that all Scripture (the Bible containing 66 books) is inherent, God-breathed, authoritative, and infallible. Any other work or word claiming to be true must be brought into subjugation to and found to be in agreement with the Scriptures, before it is considered trustworthy by the Church.

  9. Sacraments of Water Baptism and Holy Communion – We believe in the sacraments of Water Baptism and Holy Communion as instituted in the New Testament.


  10. Return of Jesus and the resurrection of the saints (believers) – We believe that Jesus will return to earth for his church (the bride of Christ), both those living and those who have passed away, to be together with us for eternity. 


  11. Final judgment – We believe that in the end, all will have to stand before God and be judged by Him. Those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior will be saved and those who have not will have to pay the price for their sins. 


These are beliefs that we hold to for guidance as to how we will carry out our ministry.

  1. Baptism in water – We believe in baptism in water as a declaration of a believer’s faith in Jesus Christ. (We do believe in dedicating infants to the Lord, but we do not believe infancy fits the biblical timing for water baptism)  

  2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit – We believe that believers can and should seek out the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This baptism is unique from salvation but at times a believer is baptized in the Holy Spirit at the moment they are saved. (As the ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’ is not synonymous with ‘the indwelling of the Holy Spirit,’ a believer who has not been baptized in the Holy Spirit still has the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit indwells believers at the moment of salvation.)  

  3. Spiritual gifts – We believe that all the gifts that Jesus modeled for us are still available today just as in the New Testament church. We believe that believers should seek spiritual gifts to be used as and when the Lord leads. We do not believe that an abundance of gifts is an indication that a believer has a deeper relationship with God but rather that, as a believer surrenders to God, He will manifest the gifts needed for the believer to do their part as a member of the body of Christ.  

  4. The whole Church – We believe there is no single earthy institution that is the true church but rather that the church is all who are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

  5. The local Church – We believe that God intends believers to be a part of the wider body of Christ and not attempt to follow Christ in isolation from other believers. This includes submitting to church leaders as is fitting in Christ, listening to the teaching and preaching of members of the church who the Holy Spirit has given those gifts, as well as fellowshipping with other believers, supporting, ministering, and building up one another in Christ, and partaking of holy communion in remembrance of Christ.  

  6. The mission of the Church – We believe the mission of the church is to support believers in carrying out their calling in Christ.  

  7. The calling of the believer – We believe that each believer has a unique call and ministry from God that fits with other believers to together carry out the great commission including going into all the world to preach the gospel, being a witness of Jesus Christ, and making disciples of all nations.  

  8. Church leadership – We believe that the local church (including ministries not thought of as churches in our culture) should have leaders who are recognized as holding to sound doctrine, trustworthy, able to properly manage their own households, obedient to God, and called to serve the community of believers. (Our preference in the method for the appointment of leaders is to have recognized leaders appoint them with the wider fellowship of believers affirming the appointment if it seems good to them in Christ.)  

  9. Charity – We believe that as part of sharing the gospel believers are called to support one another as well as care for those outside the church. Leaders should be appointed to oversee the resources of the church. (We do not believe that believers should share a purse. Rather we believe that believers should not hold to their earthly goods but give of what they have freely as the Lord leads.  

  10. Family in the Church – We believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and that the primary social building block of communities is the heterosexual family.  
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